Super Traders Program in Technical Trading

Traders and Analysts say this is "Sabse Alag Aur Best Program in India"


Who can join this?

In case you know Technical Analysis but not able to apply and effectively make money, we shall help you to identify your pitfalls ( where you go wrong) and mold you to become successful trader.

In concise you shall learn:

To read charts and identify rewarding trade setups and potentially make money

To anticipate market moves early so that you profit from them by positioning your trades early

To make the right trades at the right price and at right time


How does the program work?

In this program we act as your coach and help you learn how to strategize and generate lucrative trading ideas with detailed analysis of indices, sectors and stocks. The strategizing is done based on rules, guidelines, procedures and set ups taught.

Our SUPER TRADERS program creates an environment in which traders see themselves more clearly; and as a coach I do this by listening, asking focused questions, reflecting back, challenging and acknowledging the trade. I ask for more intentional thought, action and behavior changes that the trader would have asked of him or herself. I help trader clarify goals and agreed upon results. I identify gaps between where the trader is and where the trader needs or wants to be. And for that I help the trader develop a strong strategy and action plan to close the gap. I help traders understand and anticipates potential obstacles and guide the building of the structure, accountability and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment.

Note: Since it is a very "specialized result oriented program" we enroll only 15 students in each year. Knowledge is good, but we shall add just so much by which you can make money.




Mastering Wave Identification:

  • 3 Lows/ 3 High Rule
  • Exceptions to the Rules

Advanced Fibonacci Ratios Demystified

  • The importance and application of ratios like 48.6%, 182.5, 205.8%

Trend Reversal Strategies in conjunction with Waves:

  •  Classic Divergence and Running Divergence with Stochastics
  •  Divergence with Elliott Oscillator
  •  Wolfe
  •  "E" Failure Wolfe
  •  "W" Pattern and "W" Failure Pattern
  •  Fibonacci Head & Shoulder Pattern
  •  Island Reversal

Trend Continuation Strategies in conjunction with waves

  • A-B-C Set Up with 78% as support
  • 1-2-3 Set Up: Using CCI and Heiken Ashi as entry. Using Fibonacci Fans
  • Measured Move concept

Intra-day and Short term Trading Strategies

  • Using 15 minutes opening strategy with Fibonacci Pivot Point Calculation
  • Using Multi Time frame Heiken Ashi and Candle Patterns

Using RSI for Major Trend Reversal

  • Understanding Subtle Momentum characteristics

Using Fibonacci Fans for Major Trend Reversal

  • Understanding important levels for Character Changes

Mastering Fractal Analysis in Monthly and Quarterly Charts

  • Fractal Point
  • Fractal Candle
  • Using 50% Rule for Decision Making
  • Using Fractal Point to Fractal Point for Target Assessment
  • How to use 78.6% Fibonacci Ratio as Stop Loss


In pure price action analysis we do not use the conventional technical analysis like trend lines, channels or price patterns or moving averages or indicators like RSI or MACD or elliott / gann theory. This uses a unique and simple mathematical ratios with occasional reference to bare candlestick charts to arrive at decision making.

It has unbelievable probability of success and a very high risk to reward ratio. The strategies shared are well tested for both trending and non trending markets with amazing accuracy. It is seen as a "simplistic" and "minimalist" approach provided you follow it judiciously. This is a life making skill where you will keep evolving every day with more confidence to trade effectively.


  • Understanding market phases with Nifty PE Analysis: Absolute & Deviation
  • Understanding Divergences with Nifty Price and Nifty EPS
  • Determining trading aggression based on Valuation
  • Sector Rotational Analysis with PE
  • The Concept of Relative Strength
  • Scanning fundamentally strong stock for positional trading
  • Inter-market Analysis
  • Integration of International Markets, Forex and Commodity for better decision making.
  • Rules of Lucrative Trading: Probability of Success, Risk Reward, Position Sizing for Cash market and Futures.
  • Practical Trade Management


  • Skills you need
  • Skills you don’t need
  • How to improve yourself and how to act in your best interest?
  • How to get optimum performance by handling Cognitive biases and Emotions?