MMM Program in Stock Trading and Chart Analysis

Are you busy in your own profession but are passionate to trade in stock market with positional trading (i.e. few weeks / few months) then this is the right course for you.


MMM (Mind, Money & Method) program for Stock Traders

  • Secrets to make your money work for you more efficiently in different time frames
  • Simple tricks to understand market trends and differentiate between good or bad stocks
  • Thorough understanding of the power of bulls and bears through Technical Analysis rules
  • Techniques to rise with the Bulls and roll with the Bears
  • How often the news follows the price action i.e. knowing something is cooking in the company (good or bad) before the news is out.
  • Aligning with the dominant forces for profitable investments/trades – in both up or down markets.
  • Making the right entry and exit decisions while minimizing risks
  • To find the targets and proper stop losses.
  • Key Money Management Rules for both Investors as well as Traders
  • Mind Management Rules – journey from a cluttered mind to clear mind with Belief and Patience! (Self-Talk Management Technique)
  • Practical with a Proven System / Methodology – a Step-by-Step Guide to make Buy/Sell decisions.

Who can benefit from this Program?

  1. Professionals/ Businessmen/ Corporate Executives looking for alternative career or additional income the easier way.
  2. Employed men and women who wish to be self employed and be their own boss and work from home.
  3. Home Makers/ Retired Individuals looking to make money from home
  4. Fresh Graduates or individuals who want to make career in Financial Markets


Most people stay away from STOCK MARKETS because of:

  1. Fear of Losing Money
  2. Lack of Knowledge

It is the money that STOCK MARKET promises which brings most people here. If you have to make money consistently from stock market you have to develop the skills to create that money.

Most of us have one skill of making money that is giving us incomes. Why not learn one more skill of making money?

The fact is that there are thousands of people who have learned and mastered the skills of making money from trading in stock markets. They have taken stock trading as their career leaving aside their main profession, be it doctor, lawyer, corporate executive, engineer or marketing professional.

This is one skill which is not age related, it means you can keep trading and making money till you are 90 years of age.

Remember others will not make you Rich. Nobody is responsible to make you rich. You are responsible yourself.

You don't need to be a genius to achieve extra ordinary success in stock trading. Laymen, house wives, retired people, young people and people of different background and communities are successful traders.
Learn a skill that can give you loads of money and time for your family, passion, hobbies, spirituality and charity.