Masters Program in Technical Analysis

This is the only Masters Technical Analysis program in India done on One to One basis (i.e. private training basis). And I am sure you are aware of the benefits of private training over a group/ classroom program. This training can be done online or offline as per your requirement.

Who should do this Program?
Any person having knowledge of Technical Analysis but cannot apply and make money.

The duration will be 3 months of one to one training with Hemant K Kale. There will be 3 hours of interaction each week followed with work given to participant which will be checked and ratified in the beginning of each subsequent session.


Mastering Wave Identification:

  • 3 Lows/ 3 High Rule
  • Exceptions to the Rules

Advanced Fibonacci Ratios Demystified

  • The importance and application of ratios like 48.6%, 182.5, 205.8%

Trend Reversal Strategies in conjunction with Waves:

  • Classic Divergence and Running Divergence with Stochastics
  • Divergence with Elliott Oscillator
  • Wolfe
  • "E" Failure Wolfe
  • "W" Pattern and "W" Failure Pattern
  • Fibonacci Head & Shoulder Pattern
  • Island Reversal

Trend Continuation Strategies in conjunction with waves

  • A-B-C Set Up with 78% as support
  • 1-2-3 Set Up: Using CCI and Heiken Ashi as entry. Using Fibonacci Fans
  • Measured Move concept

Intra-day and Short term Trading Strategies

  • Using 15 minutes opening strategy with Fibonacci Pivot Point Calculation
  • Using Multi Time frame Heiken Ashi and Candle Patterns

Using RSI for Major Trend Reversal

  • Understanding Subtle Momentum characteristics

Using Fibonacci Fans for Major Trend Reversal

  • Understanding important levels for Character Changes

Mastering Fractal Analysis in Monthly and Quarterly Charts

  • Fractal Point
  • Fractal Candle
  • Using 50% Rule for Decision Making
  • Using Fractal Point to Fractal Point for Target Assessment
  • How to use 78.6% Fibonacci Ratio as Stop Loss

Putting it All Together