Group Training

All you wanted to know about Stock Market

After witnessing the phenomenal rise in the prices of stocks over the years, despite large and small dips in between, it is now commonly accepted that the stock market is the best place to enable one's fortunes to grow.

But there are many people who simply refrain from investing because they are afraid of the jargons and the complicated financial terms that they hear. Others are cautious because of the stories of losses, meted out by the markets which are floating around. Still others are just not in the market because they lack the time that needs to be invested in understanding the markets.

All you wanted to know about Stock market is an initiative to educate investors who are sitting on the side lines, wondering whether they should invest in stocks and how they should go about it if they do.
All you wanted to know stock market covers pretty much everything that's needed for someone to get started with stock market investment. The objective of this program is to ensure that the participants have an adequate knowledge of stock market before they actively participate.

This program will introduce the participants to the world of Indian Capital Market. The program will provide the participant with the knowledge of Primary Markets (IPO’s) & Secondary Market (how to participate through the stock exchange).

This program will address on rights of investors, the do & don’ts and also introduce the participants to the world of derivative markets & mutual funds.

This program will also focus on the right mind set with which the investors should enter the markets.

Trading with Charts (Technical Analysis for Stocks, Commodities & Forex)

All you traders out there...are you aiming to increase your trading skills? Would you like to feel confident trading, without any fear or anxiety....AND be profitable?

Hemant Kale is here to help you succeed! This is your training academy for your trading.

“Trading with charts” is designed to help and coach you to be just that, a successful, confident and profitable trader. Have you lost money playing the stock market before? Are you afraid to buy a stock again?
Well as a coach I tell you that, it's OK! The most experienced and professional traders lose money.

“I wanted to find the best stocks to invest in and trade. I also lost money & had developed a "fear" in trading stocks. I wanted to know what the best stocks to buy are. And, of course, I wanted to make money trading stocks too, every day. So I decided to do something about it...educate myself thoroughly. I educated myself in the art of trading. And now I am successful as a trader”

With the knowledge and experience I have gained, I decided to create a kind of training program I was looking for when I was a novice trader. This program will teach you how to read and analyse a stock chart with the techniques of charting and make you a competent and profitable stock market trader. The program will help you forecast future price movements based on an examination of the past price movements. You will be able to anticipate what is “likely” to happen to prices over time.

This program will cover the basic charting techniques, the trend identifying techniques, the line tools, the price patterns, Fibonacci studies and the applications of oscillators. Don’t worry the contents appear tough but the program isn’t.

There will be lots of case studies and practice sessions on charts.

This training is not to find any get rich quick formula. It will train your to work smart and improve your financial future.

It's a great opportunity for working executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, traders, housewives, students and all who want to get high speed success in life.

Technical Analysis Program for Relationship Managers & Dealers of Broking Houses & Institutions

With the changing needs and rising demands of Investors & Traders, most of the broking houses are now moving on to an advisory based model. A dealer, who in the past used to purely punch a trade for a client is now expected to guide him as well and is the one point contact for the client and is the face of the broking house. His designation and role has been transformed into an RM (Relationship Manager). The efficiency of an RMs of a broking house has a direct impact on the bottom line of that organisation as the advice that the RM gives his clients directly translates into broking revenues. An RM has to cater to the diverse needs of the clients starting from a long term investment idea to a position trade short term which can last for few trading sessions and in some cases, an intra‐day trade which can last for a few hours. All of this requires a constant upgrading of knowledge which is what we aim to provide through our training programs which are totally practical and result oriented and aim at achieving the desired results.

Charting for Clients of Broking Houses

This workshop aims at making the clients understand basics of Technical Analysis and also use it in day to day life in their investment / trading decisions. They will be able to spot trade setups and also trade on their investments. They will also learn to take responsibility for their trades and all this will lead to higher revenues to the broking house and will also help them retain the client longer as it will help foster a cordial relationship between the clients and the RMs of the broking house.

Trading and Technical Analysis of Financial Markets- for B-School and Finance & Commerce Graduates

Over the last few years a lot has changed in the world of finance in India. What was once upon a small and illiquid equities market wherein even a single individual could easily manipulate and rig stock prices has now evolved into a deep and highly liquid financial market that includes complex financial instruments such as futures and options, with the underlying assets basket expanded to include not just equities but also currencies and commodities. This is the true globalization of the Indian Financial Markets.

Unfortunately, while the financial markets seem to be pacing ahead, the education system largely remains antiquated and has not been able to adapt itself to this rapid transformation witnessed in the financial markets across the globe and India. 

I would like to broadly divide the career path of Financial Markets in the following three areas:




Research Analyst: Equities, Commodities, Forex, Fixed Income/ Credit, Portfolio (Risk)

Proprietor Trading Firms: Equities/ Forex/ Commodities/ Bonds

Quantitative Analyst


Portfolio Manager

Dealers/ Market Makers/ Sell Side traders

Risk Manager


Fund Manager

Hedge Funds

Structurer (Derivative pricing)

Investment Banking


Algorithm Trader


Hedgers: Eg. Airline company that trades oil, food producer that trades agriculture, importers and exporters that are trading currencies.



Retail Trading



A large part of the Indian B-School curriculum still revolves around fundamental analysis (investment) and quantitative techniques. But a great career opportunity exists in the trading segment. The question is “are your students armed to handle a trading career”.

It is with the mission to prepare your students for a career in the trading area that the innovative idea to introduce professional / industry-oriented subjects like Global Inter-market Analysis, Technical Analysis of Financial Markets etc. germinated.

Some of the institutions wherein I have shared my experience on the subject of Technical Analysis of Financial Markets in workshop mode include leading B-schools of the country like FMS (Delhi), Xavier's Institute on Management (Mumbai), Indian Institute of Capital Market (Mumbai), ITM- IFM (Mumbai), Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics (Pune), Gitam University ( Vizac) etc.