Foundation Program in Technical Analysis

This is the only Foundation Technical Analysis program in India done on One to One basis (i.e. private training basis). And I am sure you are aware of the benefits of private training over a group/ classroom program. This training can be done online or offline as per your requirement.

Who should do this Program?
Any person interested in trading stock market, commodity market and forex market. No financial or stock market background needed




  • Philosophy and Rational of Technical Analysis
  • Technical Analysis V/s Fundamental Analysis
  • Flexibility and Adaptability of Technical Analysis

Peak & Trough Analysis/ Trend Analysis

  • Understanding the power of bulls & Bears in 5 seconds flat
  • Concept of Trend and taking trade with trend analysis
  • 3 Directions of Trend
  • 3 Classifications of Trend

Dow Theory

  • Introduction
  • Tenets of Dow Theory

Candle Stick Charting

  • Candle stick Patterns
  • Reversals & Continuation

Chart Construction

  • Types of Charts: Line, Bar, Candle stick & Point & Figure
  • Degree of Charts
  • Position of Indicators & Oscillators

General Concepts

  • Support & Resistance / Demand & Supply
  • Consolidation
  • Retracement/ Reversal/ Projection/ Expansion
  • Gaps: Breakaway, Running, Measuring & Exhaustion
  • Island Reversal

Technical Tools

  • Trend line: Types & Application
  • Trend Channels
  • % Retracement, % Expansions

Mathematical Trading

  • Pivot Trading

Major Reversal Patterns

  • Preliminary Points to consider for Every Pattern
  • Head & Shoulder/ Reverse Head & Shoulder
  • Triple Tops/ Bottoms, Double Tops/ Bottoms
  • Saucers & Spikes
  • "V" Reversals

Mathematical Trading

  • Pivot Trading

Major Continuation Patterns

  • Triangles: Symmetrical, Ascending & Descending
  • The Broadening Formation
  • Flags & Pennants
  • Wedge Formation
  • Rectangle Formation
  • Continuation Head & Shoulder

Volume & Open Interest

  • Volume & Open Interest as Secondary Indicators
  • Rules for Interpreting Volume & Open Interest

Moving Averages

  • A Smoothing device with Time lag
  • Simple Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average
  • Use of Moving Average
  • How to use 2 Averages for Generating Signals

Oscillators/ Contrary Opinions

  • Interpretation of Oscillators/ Types of Oscillators
  • 3 Most Important Uses of Oscillators: Overbought/Oversold, Divergence, Crossing the Zero Point
  • RSI, Stochastics, MACD

Elliott Wave Theory

  • Basic Tenets of Elliott Wave Theory
  • Impulse Waves
  • Corrective Waves:: Zigzags, Flats, Triangles
  • Rules of Alternation
  • Channeling techniques

Putting it all together